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Hazard Scoring

Are you still evaluating your agency force by loss runs?

By the time you look at a loss run, it's already too late.

Wouldn't you like to know which agents are giving you bad business right now?

How much should you pay to know today which of your agents will cost you money tomorrow?

Suppose we told you that the answer to that question is: You shouldn't have to pay a nickel.

That's because you already paid an inspection company to go out and look the place over.

What did they do with the data they collected for you? Did they mail you a piece of paper?

All the answers are locked up in the inspection data. Why?

What if...every inspection came back to you with a score, and a grade, that immediately sets apart the good risks from the bad?

What if...every month you received a report showing you which agents gave you the good risks and which agents gave you the bad risks?

This is not science fiction. We can do this for you today.

For more information about how Hazard Scoring can help you, click on the email link below.

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