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Residential Services

  • Residential Property Report
  • Brush Report
  • High Value Dwelling Survey
  • Course of Construction Report
  • Recommendations Check
  • Beach Property Survey
  • Utilities Supplement
  • Woodstove Supplement
  • Pool Supplement
  • Tax Information
  • Fire Protection Information
  • Valuation Services
  • Map and Geolocation Services
Order and Delivery of Services
Online ordering is standard using the most convenient option for your company:
  • Data entry from this secure web site
  • Data file transfer via email attachment
  • Data file transfer through our secure FTP site
Online delivery of completed inspections directly to your desktop is available at no extra cost:
  • Our customer website

    Login to our web site to view completed reports. Our easy to use interface lets you check status of any order, and perform simple or sophisticated searches on the database. Map your risk with our integrated map service. The powerful web site includes a fully functional workspace where users can communicate with other underwriters, managers, or supervisors during the review process. Companies who use MGA's can manage multiple GA's from one place.

  • Data file transfer via FTP site

    We upload completed reports to any web server. The reports are downloaded to your server, and attached to the policy record in your management system.

  • Files are PDF format

    Reports are delivered in PDF files for consistent, uniform viewing and printing anywhere in your organization. The entire report including digital photos is contained in a single PDF file. All you need to view the files is the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for your browser.

Still need a hard copy report?
  • Not ready for online delivery? We will happily mail the reports to your office. You can even have it both ways!

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